Writing Well

Short study podcast on a practice of writing about your life experiences

Look at this scan from the best book on writing, On Writing Well, by William Zinsser. I hope it will inspire you to set aside time to write about your life experiences. In my 9-minute podcast, I talk you a couple of key points from the book to hopefully get you launched. Look to the left, and you can see how thoroughly used my copy is! 

William Zinsser, guru of clear, direct writing, on how to write well in the Sciences, with short, fun examples. 

Read this chapter in the bestselling writing book of the 20th century, On Writing Well, by William Zinsser. Like most of Zinsser's writing, it is direct, honest, and useful, and a model in itself of good writing. In this chapter William Zinsser talks about some examples of good writing in the sciences. 

The Basic Building Block of Good Writing: The claim-driven paragraph

Please watch my short video on how to build a strong academic essay by using short, strong, thesis-driven paragraphs. My examples include the wonders of pasta and the psychological theory that humans are built to be creative. Click here to play the 16-minute video, and here to read a little of this interesting theory by the writer of "Flow."